The NEW Jupiter ScienceVENUS
Ease of use and exceptional performance come
with the latest touch screen technology at an
amazing price.
The Jupiter Science Venus is the best value and most contemporary water ionizer now available.
Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell)
The water cell is the heart of all Jupiter ionizers. Manufactured in Japan to standards that makes Jupiter the
company of choice for large corporations such as LG, Samsung, Toyo and Hyundai - your Venus is guaranteed to
not only make ideal alkaline and acid water, but to continue to make the same quality water year after year.

Jupiter Science has used a proprietary matting between the Venus cell electrodes. With any water ionizer, it is
essential that this material allow water to pass during ionization. What can happen, however, is that, unless there is
an automatic cleaning cycle, very hard water will leave deposits on this material and eventually lower its transfer
efficiency. The new proprietary matting used in the Venus water cell is extremely resistant to mineral deposits.
Lime, iron, and other minerals are "sloughed off" enabling better ionization for a long period of time.

The inner structure of the Venus water cell also enables a much better acid from alkaline water separation. This
enhanced segregation between alkaline and acid water results in more efficient ionization as well as better isolation
of any remaining chlorine or fluoride.

This combination of efficient draining, improved matting, and revised inner structure enables the Venus to operate
very efficiently on only one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters.

Flow Control Knob
This special feature has been, until now, only available on much more expensive ionizers.

This enables you to control the flow of water easily on your ionizer, which in turn affects the strength of the alkaline
water and -ORP. The slower the water flow the more time the water has to be altered by the ionization process.

However, you will find that in almost all cases there will not often be a reason why you would need to slow the flow
down due to the exception strength of the Venus's ionization chamber.

The control knob though will prove very useful in helping to fine tune your prefered pH level so that you get the
exact same pH level every time you use your Venus.

Biostone Filter
The Venus comes with the same .1M Biostone filter that is available in other top Jupiter models. This filter is very
effective at helping to remove many water contaminants and will give a good 1000 gallons of filtered water.

You also have the option of purchasing the Venus with a .01M Biostone - the finest domestic filter available.

Jupiter has made replacing the biostone filter so much easier with the Venus. One simply opens the filter
compartment door, pushes the filter down on its spring loaded pedestal, and pulls the filter out. New filter
installation is literally a "SNAP".

Voltage Regulator
This special feature allows for exceptional user control as you can now reduce the voltage if your water is very
hard, or increase the voltage if your water is very soft.

In the USA there are places like southern California and Texas where there is a lot of extra calcium in the water and
this water is called hard. Because a high level of minerals (or TDS) will produce a higher than average pH you may
wish to reduce the voltage so that your acid and alkaline settings show a good range of choices.

On the other hand in places like Seattle the water lacks minerals and is called soft. By increasing the voltage in
these areas you can get a high alkaline pH as well as a good acid pH.
Regarding Water
Venus Alkaline Water Ionizer
a - Shows the different level of acid or alkaline
b - Gives an estimate of filter life - when last bar turns red it is time to order a new filter
c - Alkaline Water Indicator - illuminates when alkaline water is selected
d - Acid Water Indicator - illuminates when acid water is selected. A tune will always play when acid is selected or when Venus is in clean mode
e - Filtered Water Indicator - illuminates when filtered water is selected (filtered is clean but neither more acidic or alkaline)
f - Press this button for filtered water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
g - Press this button for acidic water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
h - Press this button for alkaline water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
i - Turns the sounds on and off. Also volume level can be adjusted
j - Lights up when units is self cleaning - auto clean for 10 seconds every 20 liters
k - When this lights up unit needs to be serviced
Venus Control Panel
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