AlkaLife Drops $29.95
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AlkaLifeŽ is a patented alkaline concentrate. Mixing 4 drops of AlkaLifeŽ solution into an 8oz. glass of water changes ordinary drinking water to a high pH alkaline drinking water. With AlkaLifeŽ, we can get alkaline water without any expensive alkaline water maker. A 1.25 oz. bottle can be conveniently carried. In order to get optimum health benefits, one should drink 5 glasses of high pH alkaline water daily distributed as evenly as possible throughout the day. By carrying an AlkaLifeŽ bottle around, one can drink alkaline water anytime and anywhere!
Book: Reverse Aging by Sang Whang $11.95
EXCESS ACID as a major contributing factor of AGING and DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, has been suspected for a long time.
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Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang, is the first book on the scientific explanation of this phenomenon; it is also the first to examine the concept of reverse aging strictly on a scientific approach.
Video: Health & Wellness Seminar $11.95
Learn the theory behind Aging...and Reverse Aging!
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Sang Whang's Health & Wellness Seminar covers the scientific approach to the understanding and maintenance of health in an easy-to-understand language. Many health-related topics are explained; such as, acid/alkaline balance or imbalance in the body and how it affects us, the aging process due to the loss of bicarbonates in the blood, demystifyng subjects that were previously difficult to comprehend.
A New Scientific Theory of Aging and Reverse Aging $4.95
A CONSOLIDATED, and less technical booklet based on the REVERSE AGING book.
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This booklet points out that the conventional diet and exercise do not stop the aging process because they do not add bicarbonates to the blood.  In addition, this booklet, gives you several scientific methods to deliver bicarbonates to the blood without being damaged by stomach acid.
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