Bio-Wash 1227
Botanical Industrial Cleaner Degreaser
Bio-Wash products are exceptionally effective and biodegradable. They are powerful enough to clean
battleships, yet so mild that mothers use them to bathe baby bottoms.  They are so safe that some
people use them to brush away coffee and nicotine stains from their teeth.

What are the ingredients?

The various proprietary blends contain extracts from plants such as coconuts, corn, grain, grass, potatoes, rice,
soy, sugar cane, trees, plus minute amounts of bio-based wetting agents.  The only synthetic ingredient, used
only in a hard surface cleaner, is EDTA.  It is so safe; chelation doctors use it to clean patient’s arteries.

How are they created?

Using quantum chemistry, specific extracts are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences;
sub-microscopic particles created are described as “colloidal micelles.”

How do they work?

They work on the quantum physics level.  They are so small (.000,000,001 cm) billions could be placed on the
point of a needle.  They are attracted to oil, grease, cellular lipid proteins and other hydrocarbon molecules.  (The
basis of nearly all cleaning and degreasing jobs.)  Billions of them surround individual oil molecules and separate
them. Once separated, they can easily be wiped or rinsed away.

How can cleaners made from plants be more effective than those made from harsh
toxic chemicals?

1st EnviroSafety uses the science of quantum chemistry to convert plant extracts into powerful, yet surprisingly
gentle solutions that dissolve grease, oil, cellular lipid proteins, soap scum, pesticides, insect stains and other

What makes the cleaners so desirable?
  • They are blended from processed extracts of natural plants and contain no
  • carcinogens nor emit toxic fumes.
  • They are "Readily Biodegradable."  (This is the EPA’s most desirable classification.)
  • They work faster and clean deeper. They tested 105% above Federal Cleaning Efficiency Standards.
  • They cost less.  They can be delivered to your door for as little as $0.93 per quart (in concentrate)
    compared to $2.97 per quart of 409 in supermarkets (household applications)

Selected as the "Cleaner of Choice" by the U.S. Naval Center for Environmental Health.  
What was the competition and criteria?

They considered over 300 competitive products.  The criteria were:
1) Effectiveness, 2) Biodegradability, and 3) Sailor Safety.

Why is everyone switching to botanical, carcinogen-free cleaners?

They know that most cleaners contain dangerous carcinogens such as dioxin, ethylene oxide, butyls, phenols or
other hazardous chemicals.  Many cause skin and eye irritations, fatigue, headaches, physical and mental
illnesses and premature aging.

Why are environmentally aware people so supportive?

Multi-Purpose Cleaner achieved the EPA's highest cleaner classification, i.e. "Readily Biodegradable," in lab
tests. (84.6% in 28 days).  It is one of few solvents certified as a “Clean Air Solvent” by the Californian Air
Quality Control Board.

It is the “Cleaner of Choice” per the U.S. Naval Center for Environmental Health.  

Why are eco-minded growers so receptive?

It is readily biodegradable.  It stimulates photosynthesis and dissolves lipid cellular proteins. It emits no irritating
or offensive fumes.  It carries no EPA red flags.

It easily cleans barns and farm equipment.  It removes dust, oil, pesticides, insect stains, etc from plants and
produce.  Because it is a “sodium carrier,” it is believed to stimulate nutrient absorption and increased growth
and yield.  Because it is a water softener, it reduces the amount of expensive nutrients and hazardous pesticides

A California Orange grower credits Bio-Wash 1227 with saving his orange trees and oranges from freezing
during a recent freeze (27 degrees F.) that killed 70% of the California citrus harvest.  A Florida nursery owner
keeps a supply available and always drenches his ornamentals before frost warnings.   

Why are farmers and growers so pleased with this discovery?

They can now enjoy:
  • healthier, insect and disease resistant plants and produce,
  • improved, more rapid growth,
  • greater fruit and vegetable yield,
  • apparent improved sugar content,
  • 100% biodegradability,
  • no concern about soil contamination,
  • no concern about toxic fumes,
  • less concern about employee or neighbor toxic-exposure lawsuits and
  • reported (yet unproven) resistance to frost and freeze damage.

Why are corporate safety officers so enthusiastic?

They appreciate the hazard-free MSDS and the fact that these cleaners and degreasers are non-fuming, non-
irritating, and non-corrosive and cannot catch fire or explode.  Also, their employees are happier.  Employees
prefer the fume and irritation-free comfort.

Additional benefits are:
  • improved employee health,
  • the cost savings because expensive protective clothing is not needed,
  • less sick leave,
  • less chance of fire, explosion, accidents and
  • less likelihood of Worker’s Compensation insurance cost increases and
  • readily biodegradable; these cleaners can be poured on the ground or down sewers, there are less
    disposal costs.        

Why are environmental officers so pleased with bio-based cleaners?

Botanical juices biodegrade rapidly.  "Readily Biodegradable" solutions require no expensive disposal.  Under
currently known regulations, 1st EnviroSafety products produce no known EPA “red flags.”
Allow Solutions
Ecologically Responsible,
Non-Toxic Certified "Carcinogen-Free" and 100% Biodegradable
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