Ecologically Responsible,Non-Toxic,
Certified "Carcinogen-Free" and 100% Biodegradable

25% Concentration                                                        100% Concentration

Germination Stimulation

1: 400                                                                                     1: 1,500
(1 ounce per 3 Gallons)                                                      (1 Ounce per 12 gallons)
To improve germination and produce larger, stronger and healthier roots, either dip
the seeds briefly into The Solution or drench the seeds while planting. Some seeds
respond better than others.

Yield Enhancement
1: 400                                                                                      1: 1,500
(1 ounce per 3 Gallons)                                                        (1 Ounce per 12 gallons)
Improve numerical yields of fruits by treating the trees before blooming. Drench the
leaves, limbs, trunks and roots. Continue treating at four-week intervals until

Earlier to Market Advantage
1: 400                                                                                      1: 1,500
(1 ounce per 3 Gallons)                                                         (1 Ounce per 12 gallons)
To enjoy higher earnings by producing produce before their competitors, growers
can begin drenching their plants during the dormant season.

Production Extension
1: 400                                                                                      1: 1,500
(1 ounce per 3 Gallons)                                                          (1 Ounce per 12 gallons)
Plants that continue to flower can continue blooming and producing for extended
periods beyond their normal bearing season. To extend the productive season,
continue drenching at three to four week periods.

Freeze/Frost Protection
1: 128                                                                                       1: 400
(1 ounce per 1 gallon)                                                              (1 ounce per 3 gallons)
Before temperatures drop below 30 degrees F., drench the plant, covering leaves,
limbs, trunk and roots with The Solution. For best results, drench the plants five to
seven days before the freeze to permit time for the plant to absorb The Solution.

Freshness Extension
1: 350                                                                                       1: 1,200
(1 ounce per 2 Gallons)                                                            (1 Ounce per 10 gallons)
To extend produce freshness several days or weeks, dip or wash produce for
several minutes. Results vary for different produce. Papaya freshness can be
extended for five +/- days. Tomato freshness can be extended for weeks.

NOTE: These solutions carry the highest EPA rating.... the "Bio Preferred" label.
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version of
General Agriculture
Guidelines and Dilution

The Bio-Wash Soap is blended in five (5) basic formulas.

Our production is in two formulations:
• Agricultural, and
Cleaning/Degreasing Solutions.

Our Solutions are shipped in two basic concentrates:
• Within the United States, we ship 25% to most consumers.
• For large farms, distributors and foreign ports, we ship 100%.

For U.S consumers, we also offer Ready-to-Use (RTU) and a 25% concentrate.

Because plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, soils, dirty surfaces, greases, diseases, aphids, scales,
insects, etc differ in strength and fragility, the following “starting dilutions” are suggested.

Please begin with the suggested dilutions listed below, and adjust the concentrates as needed.  
The Solution always works, but sometimes must be adjusted in (1) concentration strength and (2)
time allowed for penetration.

The amounts of product needed vary depending on the size of the plant. Small or newly sprouted
plants require minimum amounts; larger plants and trees require more.

If you have ANY questions regarding your individual situation, PLEASE do not hesitate to call or
email us!  We are here to serve you and help you get the best results possible, at the lowest cost.  
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BioWash 25
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