Direct Plant Benefits
BioWash is blended from processed extracts of natural plants.

BioWash improves the plants electro chemical function, which enables cells to communicate
more efficiently and be more productive.

BioWash supplies nutrients to seeds, which encourages germination and vigorous growth.

BioWash enhances plant root growth and nourishment by breaking the surface tension of
water for deeper and more rapid soil penetration.

BioWash increases frost protection from 32 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

BioWash increases the quality of grains and nutrients of crops grown.

BioWashed plants increase plant sugar levels in the photosynthesis process. Increases plant
Brix/Sugar levels by up to 50%.

BioWash increases product yields from 15% to 300%.

Product appears to strengthen plant, which provides stronger blooms and increases
systemic acquired resistance, defending plants from insects and fungus.

BioWash provides faster crop production in fields and greenhouses.

We are looking at 15% increase in greenhouses and possibly a 100% increase in annual field
production by growing a 3rd crop per annum.

Has increased plant growth by 20% to 400% over a 3-month period of time for starter
    • Persimmons have shown a growth rate of 4:1 over normal plants.
    • 120 day Rice Crops grown in 90 days with 33% yield increase
    • 120 day Onion Crop grown in 100 days with 20% more production

Decreases harvest rejection rate.

Faster crops means less borrowing costs on crop loans.

Nontoxic product can be sold to customers and other growers.

This botanical cleaner has saved $3,000 to $5,000 annually by reducing discarded plants on
a small 10-acre nursery.

Reduces chemical costs by up to 75%, with per gallon costs as low as seven cents ($0.07).

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Direct and
Indirect Benefit
Indirect Benefits
Bio-Wash increases peace of mind about crop success and provides a "poison-free", ecologically and
environmentally friendly environment.

Bio-Wash is non-caustic, non-fuming, non-corrosive & non-explosive; it has no flash point.

Bio-Wash CONTAINS processed extracts of natural plants, such as Coconut, Corn, Grains, Tree Sap,
and plant-based wetting agents in a base of colloidal micelles.

Bio-Wash DOES NOT CONTAIN butyl, phenol, chlorine, petroleum distillates, nitric acid, phosphoric acid,
hydrochloric acid, citric acid or sulfuric acid.

Bio-Wash requires no gloves, goggles, masks or special protective clothing except when being diluted
from high concentrations.

No need to purchase and store multiple "poisons" when using one all-purpose, nontoxic botanical
cleaner, and plant tonic.

One can alternate, rotate or mix Bio-Wash with chemicals to lower costs and reduce environmental

Farmers and workers can use the product for washing hands and cleaning tools, therefore not spreading
diseases from plant to plant or tree to tree.

Self-cleans equipment applicators and reduces equipment maintenance costs.

No health hazards to workers, customers, or owners like "approved" EPA registered poisonous
insecticides and/or other products.

No potential of workmen's compensation claims or lawsuits from customers or workers claiming
insecticide exposure. No workers compensation fees charged to your business.

No more Environmental Protection Agency paperwork on pesticides.

No threat or concern over fees and fines levied by from EPA and OSHA guidelines.

No threats of violating "toxic chemical label laws.”

No more hazardous waste disposal requirements to follow.

No concern over issues associated with registered pesticides or fungicides.

No more closing down while spraying toxic chemicals.

No warnings signs posted to protect customers or workers when spraying or applying.

No concerns of toxic chemicals drifting into neighborhoods or runoff into water supply.

No protected storage area, special handling or special equipment required, compared with toxic chemicals.

No more liability from pollution mitigation on land sales-no cleanup of pesticides.

No additional labor or costs required for associated spraying and handling.

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Ecologically Responsible, Non-Toxic,
Certified "Carcinogen-Free" & 100% Biodegradable
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Information Sheet
BioWash is NOT a fertilizer. Because of the spectacular growth and yield explosions, some growers
mistakenly believed it is a fertilizer.  

BioWash enhances root development and photosynthesis, resulting in stronger plants and
dramatically increased yields plus extended season harvesting.  

BioWash enables plants to absorb available nutrients left from previous seasons but does not
replace fertilizers. Once available fertilizers are absorbed, additional nutrients are required.

Since 2005, farmers worldwide have reported dramatic increases in nearly every flower, fruit and
nut trees, field and row crops, forage, grass, pasture, shrub, tree, turf, vegetables, etc. BioWash
works for ALL plants.

An agronomist said, “If a plant has roots and leaves, BioWash will help.”  

Agricultural conditions vary from crop to crop, area to area, weather, etc. but BioWash farmers
routinely report yield increases ranging from a low of 20% to 75%. Rare and exceptional reports
range from 400% (hemp) to 1,500% (mangos).

Additional benefits include earlier marketing (premium prices), larger sizes, higher BRIX,
freeze/frost survival, post-harvest freshness extension, delay or spoilage.
BioWash 25
Additional Benefits
In addition to stimulating growth, yield, nutrient content and profits, BioWash consumers enjoy additional benefits:

BRIX (Sugar)
Growers report BRIX increases ranging from 20% to 40%, lasting three to four weeks. Benefits include increased
photosynthesis, freeze damage resistance, insect resistance, sweeter taste, higher nutritional value, and more
marketable produce. To enjoy these benefits, spray crops at three (3) or four (4) week intervals.

“Dead” or dying plants may be saved through ongoing treatment with BioWash. Drench all remaining leaves, the
limbs, trunks, and roots, applying it every week until signs of life return. Applications can be reduced to once per
month after that.

Healthy, robust plants with higher BRIX are more resistant to insects and diseases. A Florida botanist adds
BioWash to special nutrients to rescue citrus groves from the Citrus Greening and other diseases.

BioWashed crops are more able to withstand drought stress. During a severe Texas drought, while neighboring
ranchers lost their crops, a rancher who had BioWashed his oats enjoyed his “best crop ever” with the highest
nutritional content. That season, New York corn fields barely produced even scrubby nubbins but one grower
BioWashed her corn and produced exceptionally large, sweet ears.

Dairies report that BioWashed grass continues to grow an additional month into winter and averages an additional
30% greater weight per bale. Apply one quart of BioWash 25 per acre with sufficient water to wet the stalks and
roots. Apply to stubble within two weeks after cutting and then repeat at three- or four-week intervals.

To extend freshness and edibility of produce and to dissolve oil encased dirt, insecticides and other contaminants
in organic and non-organic produce, wash with BioWash. BioWash neutralizes the natural gas emitted by the plant
to initiate ripening and eventual spoilage. To delay spoilage, spray or wash produce in a solution of BioWash. A five-
minute exposure is recommended. Rinse well before consumption.

CAUTION: Never BioWash fruit at the beginning of its ripening stage as it can delay or stop the ripening process.

Continual treatments at regular intervals tend to keep the plants robust enough to reduce the likelihood of frost or
freeze· damage down to 26°F. This offers about six degrees of safety. Some reports indicate success as low as

Application: If the crop has not been BioWashed, begin generous and repeated drenching with BioWash. This may
save your income.

A California orange grower BioWashed his 4,450 trees ten days before a surprise 26°F freeze that destroyed 70%
of the California citrus crop in his area. A neighboring grove lost every orange. The BioWashed grove suffered no

In an exceptional example, a peach grower near Niagara Falls treated his 35 acres of peaches just prior to a 19°F.
freeze. He was the only peach grower in the valley to enjoy a successful harvest. 1st EnviroSafety Inc. cannot
guarantee 100% success in saving crops, but numerous growers do report good results with timely, inexpensive

Frozen trees die slowly. BioWashing within a few days after the freeze may save them. Drench all leaves, limbs,
trunk, and roots with BioWash. Repeat daily for one week.

For small, soft seeds, use no more than one tablespoon of BioWash per 12 gallons of water. Soak the seeds for a
maximum of 20 minutes. You may also spray seeds after sowing and before covering them. Soak hard seeds
(corn, beans, okra, etc.) several minutes. CAUTION – Overexposure of small soft seeds (turnips, radishes,
tomatoes, etc.) may dissolve the seeds, preventing germination.

For damaged greens, drench the grass. Repeat at two-week intervals until lush again, and then treat monthly or in
coordination with standard maintenance. If injected via regular or continuous watering, add one (1) ounce per
1,000 gallons. When combining with fertilizers or other nutrients, add one (1) ounce per five gallons of liquid

Spray the cut area generously. Vivian Murray, the former owner of Tree House Nursery, improved grafting success
from 40% to 90% after treating her BioWashing her plants.

There are numerous ways to grow via hydroponics. One successful grower adds only one (1) ounce of BioWash 25
per 500 gallons of liquid nutrients. His water circulates continuously.

BioWash has been found to prevent transplanting shock. Add one ounce of BioWash to 10 gallons of transplant