Enhances nutrient and moisture absorption.

Chelates fertilizer molecules into absorbable size particles.

Real field reports, from real farmers, report benefits ranging from 25% to 400% yield
increases when small amounts are added to liquid fertilizers.

Fertilizer Booster can be added
(1) by manufacturer (1:500),
(2) by farmer (1:500) or
(3) by gardener (1 ounce per 5 gallons).

It also enhances insecticides, herbicides, miticides and fungicides at the same dilution.

Add to all liquid fertilizers at the rate of 1:500.

Fertilizer Booster
One gallon treats approx 500 gallons of fertilizer at ONLY 18¢ per gallon!

Real Farmers – Real Results

“In a scientifically controlled study, adding Fertilizer Booster increased cotton yields by 53%. We
documented increased marijuana yields by 63%.”
— Marcus Jensen, CEO, Jensen Agricultural Consultants, USA

“Adding Fertilizer Booster to our organic nutrients produces 25% to 40% increases in plant
— Steve Harkeli, President, Global Soil Solutions, Inc., USA

“Fertilizer Booster provides the energy boost that fertilizer alone cannot deliver. It is the new
science of increasing farm yields and profits.”
— Anthony Cortez, President, Corvill Agricom, Philippines

“Fertilizer Booster increased rice yields from three (3) tons per hectare, to eleven (11) tons. It is
the best new technology for enhancing yields and farm profits.”
— Agnes Lo, President, BioWash SDN BHD, Malaysia

“Indian farmers enjoy more dramatic yields by adding Fertilizer Booster to their fertilizers.“
— Deap Shukla, President, Shukla Ashar Impex Private Limited, India

“It increased our pasture alfalfa growth by 1,500 pounds per acre.”
— J. Wilkerson, Oregon Dairy Owner, USA

“It improved my organics so much; I received a generous buyout offer!“
— S. Waechter, Atlantean Inc., Canada

“Dr. Tidwell’s new nanotechnology process is the greatest farm discovery since the beginning of
farming. With minimum investment, it produces dramatic yields.”
— Adrian Felix, President, Agronatturalia Organic Farm Supply, Mexico
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Ecologically Responsible, Non-Toxic,
Certified "Carcinogen-Free" & 100% Biodegradable
BioWash Fertilizer Booster