Ecologically Responsible,
Non-Toxic Certified "Carcinogen-Free" and 100% Biodegradable
Dilution Suggestions and
General Guidelines

25% Concentration                                   100% Concentration

            Light Duty Cleaning
1:30                                                                                      1: 128
( 4 ounces per gallon)                                                          (1 ounce per gallon)

              Medium Cleaning
1:15                                                                                      1: 60
(8 ounces per gallon)                                                          (2 ounces per gallon)

     Heavy Cleaning/Degreasing
1:10                                                                                       1:40
(12 ounces per gallon)                                                         (4 ounces per gallon)

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General Guidelines and
Dilution Suggestions

Over 90% of our production is in two formulations:
• Agricultural, and
Cleaning/Degreasing Solutions.

Our Solutions are shipped in two basic concentrates:
• Within the United States, we ship 25% to most consumers.
• For large farms, distributors and foreign ports, we ship 100%.

For U.S consumers, we also offer Ready-to-Use (RTU) and a 13% concentrate.

Because plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, soils, dirty surfaces, greases,
diseases, aphids, scales, insects, etc differ in strength and fragility, the following
“starting dilutions” are suggested.

Please begin with the suggested dilutions listed below, and adjust the
concentrates as needed.  The Solution always works, but sometimes must be
adjusted in (1) concentration strength and (2) time allowed for penetration.

If you have ANY questions regarding your individual situation,
PLEASE do not hesitate to call or email us!  We are here to serve
you and help you get the best results possible, at the lowest cost.  
Allow Solutions
Botanical Industrial
Cleaner /Degreaser
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