Jupiter Science  Melody JP104
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Also available with optional
Under Sink Conversion Kit.
The World's Most Popular
Water Purifier
Want the very best value and most popular water ionizer in the

The revolutionary Melody JP104 offers Jupiter's new amazing infrared filter
system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability.

You can choose to attach your
Jupiter Melody to either your tap or directly
to the water line below your counter. You can also install your Melody below
the counter by using one of our special dual-outlet, above-counter faucets.
Feature for feature, this system has been the undisputed "Rolls" of of water purifying systems for over two years.
* Post cleaning for perfect water always. First model to always give alkaline water - even when cleaning! This feature is also
available with the Orion and Aquarius models. Even other brand models over $4000 do not have this patented feature.
* Five Year Warranty
* Four levels of
alkaline water.
* Four levels of
acid water.
* Pure water (non-ionized)
* 9-stage filtration with BioStone Infrared technology - 0.01M option available
* 5-plate latest technology polymer ion plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates (est. life 20 yrs, latest Japanese University
* Stainless steel output spout
* Integrated MICOM computer circuitry throughout
* Wipe down, one-touch control panel
* Calcium port
* Unique post-operation automatic, silent cleansing for extended lifespan
* Voice confirmation every time you choose another output pH
* Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator
* Easy 1-minute change filter compartment
* Optional ability to bypass faucet and connect directly below the counter
* 1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen than the 3/8" tube on other models.
* Liquid Crystal Display that changes color to match the pH of the water selected, with low flow indicator, plus hot water and low flow
* Most importantly, because the plates are cleaned with every use they remain clean.  
Jupiter ionizers keep producing alkaline
ionized water
with high -ORP, while other brands soon start to fail due to mineral buildup.

This unit has it all:
Stylish upright look, great filtration, great range of output, ease of operation and installation.
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