Jupiter Science Melody JP104
Under Sink Conversion Kit
Melody Water Ionizer
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The World's Most Popular
Water Purifier
Want the very best value and most popular water ionizer in the world? With
the convenience of an
Under Sink Conversion Kit?

The revolutionary Melody JP104 offers Jupiter's new amazing infrared filter system for
maximum purity, energization and filtration ability.

All the features of the Jupiter Melody with the convenience of installing the Melody below
your counter and a special dual-outlet above-counter faucets.
Introducing a major innovation with the creation of a single control, double access to the acidic water produced by the ionizer and installation is a snap.
The kit comes with everything necessary for quick and easy installation. All that is needed is a 1-1/2" hole wherever you want the faucet to be located.

This exceptionally high quality, special faucet, uses only ceramic moving parts for long life and easy operation.

This faucet has no electric controls; so access to the ionizer under the counter is still needed to change pH settings, adjust flow rate or check filter life

Colors/finishes available include polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, brass and white. Contact us regarding custom colors.

This unit has it all:
Stylish upright look, great filtration, great range of output, ease of operation and installation, the convenience of an Under Sink Conversion Kit.
Melody JP104 Features
Brass Under Sink Faucet
Chrome Under Sink Faucet
Brushed Chrome Under Sink Faucet
Nickel Under Sink Faucet
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