This Composting Toilet is the
Best  Price &Value on the Market
...Has many applications including: big rigs - boats - campers - RV's -
basements - cabins - eco-lodges - garages - workshops...

.... And temporary applications such as construction sites - fairs -
festivals - summer camps - hunting lodges....

...Any place that "business" is conducted and comfort is desired
This toilet or "marine head" was designed by two long time sailors who have used similar compost
toilets, were not satisfied, and created the most efficient, completely
odorless, and user friendly
product on the market today.  

The unit is constructed of durable polyethylene and stainless steel components; which are designed
to withstand the harsh marine environment.
 This toilet will work well anyplace you need a toilet
where plumbing and electricity are difficult, or non-existent.

self-contained unit dramatically expands a persons' or communities' ability to be self sufficient,
eco-friendly, and environmentally responsible.

    The key is found in the simplicity and genius of the design features of this toilet: It:

  • Separates the liquids from the solids, thereby eliminating the #1 reason of odors;
  • Has forced ventilation that promotes the composting process and ventilates the room;
  • is waterless and self-contained, eliminating the need for plumbing or holding tanks.

...Thus making this truly an
odorless toilet!
Organic & Coast Guard Approved

"Nature's Head" meets all "No Discharge" marine regulations and is a USCG Approved Type III Marine Toilet.  

The toilet is completely organic in that it uses no smelly or hazardous chemicals.

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What Customers Say...
Love it!!  Thank you for coming up with this design.  My husband and I have crawled all over the web looking for something just like this and
it's actually affordable (when compared to toilets today need the bathroom remodeled and I can't think of a better choice for a where the
black water tank would go.  Now it can be used for some other purpose (storing my husband's tools comes to mind).
Bree Gray-Eskue

Hi, just a short note to tell you how easy it was to install our Nature's Head. I bought two units and put one in while a cruising neighbor
watched. He actually talked me into selling him one of my units and installed it in his boat. They work great! I'll reorder a second one in a
bit, I'm redoing my 12 volt system as part of a refit before taking a 3 year extended cruise around the world. I'll continue to spread the word
and if anybody in the St. Pete area wants to see it give them my email. I'll be happy to show them.

Michael Garfield

The toilet has worked great!  I have a 30' Pearson 1976 which I got a few years ago. The holding tank was way too small and took up room
in what would have been a wet locker. It always smelled. It is illegal to pump over board and the pump out stations were most of the time
not functioning. With four people on a 3 day weekend the holding tank would soon be overflowing. I looked at replacing the holding tank for
a larger size but that reduced space further. I then started looking at Maine the toilet worked like a charm. It doesn't smell. Was simple to
install and I was able to use the composting portion for the whole season with about every weekend use and  a week family vacation with
at one weekend 7 people on board! Urine disposal is quick and easy. It fits great in a cloth grocery bag and you simply dump it at the
marina toilet. The only addition I am going to make is add an extra urine tank as we moor at islands that do not have marinas. The product
works like a charm and I don't have to worry about what my kids are swimming in.

Dr. David Kerr
Natures Head self contained odorless compost toilet

I want you to have the "coir" experience

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Introducing the most civilized
improvement to our most
basic needs since toilet paper

How does the Nature's Head                                Compost Toilet work?


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The Perfect Privy represents an idea whose time is overdue.  

In addition to providing immediate civilized solutions to "waste management", this odorless, self-contained compost toilet
- if used in large enough quantities - could help reverse the depletion of minerals from our soil.  The necessary chain of
mineral transfer has been broken.  The last leg of the 4 part chain has been compromised by the proliferation of the
modern water-borne flush toilet.

This simple act of "disposal".... based on the "out-of-sight... out-of-mind mentality.... has led to a soil mineral depletion of
unprecedented proportions.  Do I exaggerate??  Look at the nutritional value of the food you are eating.  Where have the
minerals gone?  I can tell you..... to some "sanitary landfill"..... to a sealed up portion of land.... contained in a rubber
diaper.... for posterity.

Also, widespread use of this toilet would conserve and greatly reduce our utilization of potable water and also reduce the
impact on the already overburdened wastewater infrastructure.... two other pressing issues.

You can turns a daily task that produces toxic waste into a recycling opportunity that benefits you... and our environment.


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The Natures Head Composting Toilet
with Standard handle
with Spider handle
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Recent Product Improvement
Now available with two handle choices.......
The Standard handle                                  or                           The Spider handle

This latest improvement is the result of constant research and customer feedback.  The Spider handle allows the unit to be installed in even
tighter quarters, reducing the overall width of the unit by 2-3/4 inches... and still allows for good mixing in the solids compartment.  

Along with the new handle option the actual mixing bar is made of a heavier stainless steel rod and now has a cam lock feature which lets
you turn it both directions.  This is also available in a retrofit kit for older models. Contact me with any questions.

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