BioWash Plant Soap
What IS BioWash Plant Soap?
As distributors of natural, environmentally sound and ecologically safe products, we are
pleased to introduce BioWash to you and share its many benefits.

This product, BioWash 25, is the result of many years of testing and research.  Simply
put, it provides protection and nourishment to living organisms with absolutely no
detrimental side effects to the organism or the environment.

Fundamentally, it is a soap..... a nutritional soap for living organisms.  

A soap, as you may know, is a combination of ingredients, that when combined with a
surfactant, act to break down residues and allow them to be washed away.  This particular blend
creates not only cleaning, but also facilitates nourishment.

Plants, like humans, need relief from environmental residues.  They are exposed to an ever
increasing toxic load.... the only difference is that they cannot wash themselves, and their
natural bathing and nourishment method – rain – has lost much of it’s cleaning and nourishment
abilities due to the residues it now carries.  Drought conditions also exacerbate the problem.

While the formulation and blending is proprietary, the ingredient list on the MSDS show an
exotic blending of natural substances that - when combined - create a natural and  powerful
cleanser that compliments natural plant processes and functions. This proprietary blend assists
plants by removing the build-up of potentially toxic grime that accumulates on them and
stimulates nutrient absorption.  Plants, again like humans, prosper when the external toxins are
removed from their environment.

This environmentally responsible product, in addition to being
non-toxic, non-corrosive,
carcinogen free and all natural, is very inexpensive, especially when considering the dilution
rates.  Recommended application ratios for the 25% concentration range from 1:128 to 1: 400.  
Recommended application ratios for the 100% concentration range from 1:400 to 1:1500.

Typical application costs range from twenty five cents ($0.25) to as low as seven cents ($0.07)
per gallon of application material, depending on the quantity and concentration purchased.  And,
when you consider that there is no special handling or clean up issues, the overall application
and handling savings really become evident.

If you have any questions regarding your particular needs/circumstances, please do not hesitate
to  contact us via email or telephone.  We are honored to serve you.

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